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www.newsofgujarat.com is a fastest growing unique news and views portal that presents the faces and the facts associated with it to its readers. It encompasses the feel of a newspaper, a magazine and a journal, all clubbed into one. The site runs in Gujarati languages.


www.newsofgujarat.com  gets updated on a daily basis covering Gujarat’s exclusive news, breaking news, happenings and events, interviews, society, politics, business, entertainment, sports,crime and other topics of general interest. We cater dedicated Video and Photo galary with pages for particular segments of viewership that provides specific  information on the various interests of our readers eg :politics, health, sports , crime and tourism etc.


Those who invested in online always knew one day the cyberspace would change the world order. But who could imagine its impact as we are witnessing today. Time being an ever limiting factor, growing acceptability is thanks to its unique style and an all encompassing feel.


www.newsofgujarat.com has regular informative columns, articles and features written by established Writers  and journalists. www.newsofgujarat.com is a bold, refreshing and unique e-portal that is galloping to dizzy heights in terms of reach and acceptability.

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